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i wont to know if anyone know witch piece i have to change if i wont to put my v6 normal in the v6 svt of the contour.
sorry for my bad english

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depends on how far you want to go you coudl buy a whole SVT motor and ECU from an SVT andput that in (highest horse power gains with a 2.5 with no motor work) or you could buy just the SVT intake maifolds and Throttle body.. to get a fairly nice gain... but the cams from the SVT woudl help alottoo....

If you are really good with engines you coudl do a 3.0 svt hybrid using a 3.0 block with svt heads (ported polished and deshrouded with 3.0 valves) and use svt cams and make some really nice naturally aspirated power.
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