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Confirmed Alteeza Provider

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This is a Quoted conversation that I had with Import Universe aka on AOL IM>..
My handle is "bobojobo2"

bobojobo2: have you guys been looking into alteeza lights for the 99-01 Mercury cougar?
ImportUniverse: they will be out in a month or so, they are in production
bobojobo2: I belong to a on-line cougar owners group consisting of about 1500 members. Is it ok to pass this word along letting them know about the upcoming product? If so, I will def. be able to get pre-orders for them... possibly some type of discounted group buy?
ImportUniverse: yea i can work something out
bobojobo2: so it is ok. to let all of them know about the upcoming lights?
ImportUniverse: yes
bobojobo2: thank you....
ImportUniverse: sure

This is the only information that I have so far. I will try and keep you updated on them..
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Sweet, this is something that I have really been watching for.
Can't wait!!!!
dude, i am so in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's about time these are coming out for the Cougar! Just last weekend I saw some on a 2001 Eclipse. And I'm thinking, this all new Eclipse just came out a few months ago and the Cougar has been out for about 3 years! Will they have the "boobies" and how much will it be for a pair?
haha if they dont have the BOOBIES i wont buy them.. thats the coolest part of are tail lights
Im in =) i love ALTEZZA'S
I want to see what it actually looksl like...

oh, one that site reliable? cuz I want to order something from there....
yeah man they are reliable. I just ordered a CF intake and some other lighting accesories with no problem from their site. They are very helpful.
I'm all for that mang. I wanna wanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, the new Eclipse design came out as a 2000 model. And it sells better. So naturally they have more aftermarket parts.
not to mention it is an import
Okay, your right. I was thinking of the all new Celica that just came out a few months ago. Anyway, it was a new Ecliplse that I saw the alteeza tailights on. Please keep us posted dirkdiggy when they become available and on the NECO price for them.

the second that I get word, you will get word
As soon as we can get them i want a pair i think they would look really good on out cats.

It's good to see more and more cougar owners likin' this style! Count me in!
i would love to score a set of carbon fiber altezzas for my car.... would look sweet!
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