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With the CAI intake extension, do i have to worry about getting the filter wet when washing or if it is raining heavily or in snow? and also what about going through a car wash with one? also after cutting the whole how is the battery tray held in place if as i saw in one picture the hole that holds it in is cut out? i may be wrong, but i just need some clarification. thanks.

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please utilize the search tool next time, this question has been asked many times. Here is some info I found in one of my old threads

Q-Have you thought about protection from water? That looks like it will suck it
up...looks like it needs the AEM valve and I think they are like $40-$50
A-An AEM ABV is an option for any Cold Air intake system out there. It is also
recommended but isnt necessary. I as well as many other Cold Air Intake owners
do not have a problem with water. Unless you plan ondriving through 2 feet of
water dont worry about the AEM bypass valve. The filter has to be fully
submerged to suck up any water.

The only thing is , your intake filter may become dirtier quicker.

Q- What is waterloc or hydrolock?! Why does it hurt my engine if my filter gets
A-Hydrolock is when water is attempted to be compressed ... water CAN NOT BE
COMPRESSED and the engine seizes because the pistons basically hit a wall.
Damage could be as severe as broken/bent rods, broken/bent wrist pins,
broken/warped rings, cracked cylinder heads, cracked/broken crank rod journals,
broken bearings, ect.

However, to get to that, water would literally need to be sucked into the
intake. To accomplish this, the filter would need to be submerged in water. A
general misting around the filter will not cause hydrolock. If you have to
forge a stream or river, you are driving the wrong vehicle

Now if you have a stock front bumper I wouldnt worry, it has lots of protection on all sides. But some aftermarket fronts do expose the filter more to the elements. If you are that worried just swap your short ram filter back on. It takes me about 3 minutes and I just reattach my CAI piping when im done. I have also driven through down pours with no problem, and washed my car and gotten my filter wet.
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