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I'm thinking I didn't blead the clutch all the way when I replaced the slave cylinder with the one spec gave me with the stage 3 clutch. My shifts are really really stiff when the rpm's are high. It's getting slightly worse every couple weeks. When I rev up the engine and try to shift, the car won't go into the next gear. It takes me literally 3 or 4 seconds to get it into the next gear. Also, lately the car has been getting stuck in gear at high rpm's and the rpm's stay high when I push the clutch pedal in all the way. I would just go out and bleed it right now, but the vortech bracket gets in the way of the bleeder - I have to remove the radiator hoses to get to it. So I am going to wait and bleed the clutch when I install my SVT radiator and hopefully that will solve it. Anyone have any other ideas?

Also, will this problem wear down the transmission syncros really fast?
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