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Cleaning Stock 16" rims

Man, all winter i couldn't wash my car and finally one day it was like 5 degrees celcius out so i decided to wash my rims, well the front ones were almost brown so i used some rim cleaner i got from Canadian Tire and man o man did it not work a bit! I was scrubbin and scrubbin and scrubbin and nothing, well a little bit come off but not much. Finally i chucked that **** in the garbage and got my toilet bowl cleaner out. It is this blueish liquid paste, abrasive i guess, and it cleaned my rims sooooo easily. Im just worried what it did for my clear coat on my rims...... i guess i'll find out when they starts oxidizing. Lesson learned is to stay ahead of break dust before it grows on.

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Meguiars Hot Rims!!
"Hot Rims /Cool Care All Wheel Cleaner
If you don't know what type of wheels you have, this is the safe choice. Hot Rims is a highly effective formula that removes road grime and brake dust on all wheel surfaces...or surfaces surrounding the wheels. We use tough, penetrating, neutralizing agents that dissolve and lift the dirt and grime by breaking it down and washing it away. Just spray it on and hose it off. "

This stuff works beautifully! Also, I think you learned the best tip--don't let your rims turn brown! It makes cleaning them a b!tch.

Try it--you'll love it!
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