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Cleaning Inside and Windows W/ Tint

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Hi, i have a couple questions:

1) I used to clean the inside of my windows with windex, is that still ok even though i just got them tinted?

2) I also use windex on the whole inside of the car ( dash board, around the automatic shifter, around the radio ) is that ok or is tehre a better product to use for this?

3) I orsdered the Simoniz Detail Car Wash System from TV. I am assuming that is ok for the outside of the car!

Thanks alot for answering these questions... i just got my car and i dont really know alot abouit them. Sorry if they seem like stupid questions, but i would rather ask then ruin my brand new baby.

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regarding cleaning the insideof your windows, dont use paper towels, use cloth.
you mean a wash Cloth
anything not made out of paper.
I personally use torn up old t-shirts, preferably undershirts (don't get as crunchy). Nice, soft, and don't damage the windows.
Oh, thanks..i am goign to cut up a couple of old hanes under shirts. i never thought of that before! i guess i can do the dashboard with that also!
Yea, I use old undershirts for all my interior cleaning. Water works great on the windows, and I personally like black magic for the rest of the interior.
i heard that you are only supposed to use ammonia-free cleaners on your tints, but i don't know how much truth there is to that...
Use only soft cloths and ammonia-free cleaners to clean your tint. Ammonia makes the tint look purple. I use a combo of baby shampoo and water mixed in a spray bottle to clean mine.
I'm not sure about this working on tinted windows, but what about the new armor-all glass wipes. I was leery before I tried them, but they are wonderful! No more morning glare on my windshield. They are premoistened cloths that are a little heavier than papertowels and are pretty soft. I use black magic (great for the exterior trim, too) or armor-all LOW gloss. My fiance uses the high gloss stuff and I'd swear that one of these days I'm going to be able to see myself in the trim. Also, the low just makes the dash look really clean and it only is a little shiny on the edges. I think that it looks really good afterwards.
Hi, a coupl e years ago my sister used this stuff on her dash and stuff and it made it so shiny that you could see your self. The shunyness never went away. will Black Magic armor-all LOW gloss do that. i just want it to look clean, not real shiny. so i was wondering if those two will fit what i am looking for.
Don't use Windex on tinted windows!!! It will ruin the tint. I've heard that Armor All makes a special cleaner for tinted windows, but I haven't found it yet....
I've used the black magic on the exterior of my car to get the black trim shiny. Since there's not a lot of pieces there, the shine isn't too bad. I don't use it in the interior because I find it to be too shiny. It's a paste--maybe I should just dillute it. I use it on the exterior because if you use armor-all on the outside it will run down your car and leave an oily residue. The armor-all low gloss does look nice in the interior. I use it ~every month and it keeps the dash looking clean without that "glow" of the original armor-all. I've also noticed that dust does not collect as readily on my dash. I find that I would have to use a lot of this stuff to actually see a lot of shine.
I use armor all window cleaner, it's safe for tint, works great, and even smell good. Just a sug.
don't use windex - ammonia will cause damage. if you find that you get streaky windows from a tintsafe application, a vinegar and water solution will take care of it
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I use the same thing as SkotTrot, the armor all window cleaner, works great with tint, and nevers leaves streaks
thanks, i am going to buy the amor all window cleaner tommorrow. is there different kinds or just one?


I wouldn't use Windex to clean the interior of your car. Most window cleaners, including Windex, have alcohol in them to aid in drying so as not to leave streaks. As a result they will dry out your dashboard and cause cracking. I would suggest you go and buy Armor-All cleaner and use that to clean your dashboard, console and other areas inside the car. Then follow that up with an application of either Armor-All Protectant, Formula 2001 or Black Magic. If you are using high-gloss Armor-All, apply it and let it sit for about 10 or so minutes. Then go back over it with a clean, dry paper towel. This will remove any excess and keep the interior parts from getting greasy and attracting dust.

As far as washing goes, I use Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner which is awesome! You can see the difference as you are using it. I follow that up with either some Meguiar's Final Inspection #34 or, depending on how long it has been, I will wax or polish the car.

Hope that helps....
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if you have a metal based tint (professional grade) and not cheap dye based films ammonia will not damage the tint. if you have metal based tint you can use windex and a soft cloth.

metal films usually come with a lifetime warrenty as well. the dye based films fade in the sun and turn purple
Eagle One also make a window cleaner in a spray bottle that is safe for tints. That's what I've been using...
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