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Claymore part out

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Over the weekend I bought Claymores car and parts stash. Im still going through things but they will be all listed here as I find things. Some things I will ship, some things I will not ship. They will be split into categories. Im going to leave this locked until i get a full list together. The car itself it toast, I had to jack the car up on the rear knuckle to break a wheel loose from the rotor, because the 3 places I jacked it up crushed through.

All transaction info will take place in this thread. Other that addresses. and paypal info.
Pics to follow when list is done.
Prices will be coming, but will be reasonable, I think

Will Ship
Visteon hood scoop(bolts removed, tape on)$75 shipped
Clear SRI #1
Clear SRI #2
SVT UIM/TB (need on car to attempt to get it running) $175 plus shipping
Short throw shifter (need to remove to see brand)
center dash part with autometer volt/water temp/oil pressure guages in hvac- $250 shipped
blatpunk radio $50 plus shipping
6 disc changer (with mystery cds) $50 plus shipping
Eibach lowering springs $150 plus shipping
Intrax lowering springs (on car currently, will be last off so the car can move)- $150 plus shipping
Jaged RSTB #40 Black-$70 shipped
Jrak RSTB Red-$70 shipped
Freedom Design FSTB-$80 shipped
2 sets of stock springs- $?? offer plus shipping

Will NOT Ship
99/00 Wings West side skirts $150
Roush side skirts $200
Roush rear bumper(still attached) $200
99/00 Wings West front bumper lip $150
Wings West rear spoiler $100
Roush rear spoiler (minor damage on tip) $80
tan leather seats(minor damage)
black leather seats with red inserts(minor damage)
17" Velox rims $100
18" rims (need to find brand) $120

Undecided if Im going to sell
Roush RSB
GTS front and Rear light covers
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updated with prices of just about everything. pics wed night
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