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2000 Cougar

I'm the original owner, paid $22k for it in June of 2000.

Leather Seats (Graphite)
Power Drivers
Leather wrapped steering wheel & shift knob
Spruce Green Exterior - Metallic Green
90,000mi on the clock (gf drives it so it's a bit over 90k, just passed it 2 nights ago)
CD Player w/upgraded sound system
Sport Package - Spoiler / Alloy wheels
Conveinence group - keyless entry
Power moonroof
Tires are in decent shape
Synthetic oil since 50k miles
Brakes done less then 3 months ago
Clear title
Fuel pump replaced by dealer 6 months ago

Rear bumper has scratches
Drivers side rear abs sensor was damaged during brake pad & rotor install, easy fix

Asking price: $7500 obo
Location: Cincinnnati, OH

Test drives welcome, trades considered, I'm not a dealer, but I do own this car out right.
Email me for pics as we all know what a cougar looks like. Car is totally stock, just trying to sell it for more then what trade in is offering on a new subaru wrx sti.
Would like to sell within next 10 days, I'll accept paypal just add 3%, [email protected] is my email and same email for paypal.
Deposit through paypal or in cash, rest of payment needs to be via any of the following: paypal, cashiers check, personal check (must clear before pickup of car / title transfer), cash

It's a worry free car, I've just driven a ton and a half of trips in it, it's 1 of 5 cars in my garage and I have no need of it and the gf doesn't want to drive it any more.

Shouldn't be a lot of questions, if you think my asking price is too high then make me an offer, I'm open, if it doesn't sell I'll trade it in, and I know what I can get for trade in.
Email me if you do have questions or catch me on aim as NotDaBob.
You could drive this car home 1,000+ miles without a problem, I'll gaurantee that.


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Good luck sellin it considering cougars are total crap (for the most part). Not trying to hurt your sale- I love mine but if those are the only things you've replaced then then next owner better have deep pockets ;)

The price doesnt seem too bad though...and its an auto (yuck) so you should be able to get rid of it. Just curious- I have similar miles on mine and am wondering what the dealers are offering for trade-in value?

Your best bet- teenage girls who think cougars are cute cars and who's parents will buy it for her...and if they know nothing about the new cougars its a bonus:thumbsup:

Look for the following to go bad:
-the fuel pump...again and again until it is replaced with a non-ford pump
-The sunroof tracks (very expensive)
-IAC valve
-Parking brake cables
-IMRC (might not have this one...less common problem than the others)
-Wheel Bearings (and that means the whole knuckle assy. @ approx $200 per side for parts alone)
- Alternator (did I almost forget this one!? - again, dont replace with a Ford part or you will keep replacing it. Also have some wires re-rerouted)

There are others that are waaaay too common to these cars but this is a short list off the top of my head. Do yourself a favor and dont let the GF drive it anymore! Sell it ASAP:)

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I've had the fuel pump replaced once, my car has had rock solid electronics since maybe 20 or 30k miles because I forced my dealer to do a mass fix at that time under warranty because of the electronics, this car has 0 electrical issues now, but at the time I had all of this replaced:

* all under hood electrical wiring -- 5 hours labor
* voltage regulator
* alternator

And a few other bits, it's been ages since, but I got all the records.

All non-foreign dealers, aka anything domestic, $6k trade-in.
Subaru dealers - $4500

I'd take $6500 if someone has it tommorrow, otherwise it's probably going to go in on trade with my m3 for a new STi.

Email me asap.

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Sled, don't make me get all Moderator-y on you... Let's not let our recent bad experience spoil someone else's post or sale. I had 39000 almost trouble free miles on my 99, and now am at 28000 almost trouble free miles on my 01... no alternator, no sunroof tracks, no fuel pump.

Chill :)

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I have over 102,000 miles. I didnt starting having problems untill 92k or so. I have had starter and transmisison problems but other than that I love my car. Its an inexpessive looking "sports" car. I will always love my "first" (purchase outta my pocket) car. I have offically gave up on slapping a body kit on her. Theirs no point, she definally looks good as is. I will up grade my air intake and maybe some nicer tires after that I'm done.

People may laught cause its a Ford but heh, I had a Chevy pickup, a Pontiac bonneville, and a Ford pickup, as I said before I still love my Coog. My only complaint is work sends me off roading in her, so next week I am going truck hunting.

Oh, Sled, the loud humming noise was my tires were off balance.

Sorry if I sound like an arse, I just wanted to add my .02 cents.


P.S. Good Luck on your sale, NotBob.

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NotBob, I am not trying to stir up any problems. Trust me............but when you say "It's a worry free car, I've just driven a ton and a half of trips in it, it's 1 of 5 cars in my garage and I have no need of it and the gf doesn't want to drive it any more."

I am also a member from the "old days" and I remember you on here ranting and raving about what a POS that car was.

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Shelly, that was also 30k miles ago, and a bunch of maintenance since, the biggest thing that turned out to be a problem was the fuel pump had been going bad for ages, since that was fixed it was the last piece of unscheduled maintenance done on the car.

Thats what caused all the grief I had with it stalling out, rev'ing funny, etc....

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I can feel for ya. I had the same problem, along with a very long list of others.

Sorry to bring it up, I just wanted to make sure :)

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Np shelly, I was not happy when it failed on the way to florida to pick up my now fionce talk about a mission trip, car died going up a hill (as it had 3 or 4 times prior when low on gas but this time was not low on gas), but this was in the bottom part of kentucky at 4pm on a Friday.

Needless to say I got to take one for the team by paying the local stealer to do a fuel pump..... $500 and a 2nd trip down to get it, but I rented a truck that day (thanks to my sister working at an insurance agent she convinced enterprise to hook me up, $115 for 2,000mi on a truck in a weekend yeah I can deal with that).

That fuel pump had to have been going for almost 2 years just wimping its way, it is what was giving me hell with everything, totally put the car back to reliable which if I had known that was the issue I would have got it fixed locally for half the price and been happy.

I wonder how many other people had to get their fuel pumps replaced, I figured it was just my crap luck.

I do need to replace the rear bumper if I could ever find one for a reasonable price.

Oh well gotta get my fender fixed on my 99 M3 this weekend, thinking of selling it and getting a 993 porsche.
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