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I wouldn't normally add anything to this forum, but this worked out well and I recommend it highly. It's a $65 modification and worth every penny. I added the Delphi Roady2 Xm plug and play receiver to my '99 Cat. The best part is that the antenna sensor perfectly covers the hole where the antenna was on the cars exterior.

The reason I did this mod was because I cracked off my antenna at the car wash. To replace both the screw off antenna and the little nub on the car, they wanted $274!!! For a stupid antenna!!! I have a sunroof, so these directions infer that you would have one as well.

1. Pop out the light console. (That is the two map lights and the door light. A small screw driver did the job.
2. Underneat the lights are two hex screws which hold the larger cream colored panel that has the sunroof button and the warning lights. Unscrew them.
3. Now, you can pop out the cream colored console. You'll see the hole to the antenna, but it is covered with a piece of gray foam. Remove it and you'll see the innerworkings of the antenna.
4. You'll need to unscrew the antenna mount from the inside and then simply remove it.
5. Make sure to clean the area on the roof. Mine was dirty underneath. Both for aesthetics and so that the XM receiver, which is held on primarily by a high power magnet, can make a clean connection to the car.
6. Push the XM antenna plug through the outside. I had to really push to get it in, but it wasn't too difficult and I didn't damage the plug.
7. Pull the antenna wire through and rest the antenna on the roof.
8. From inside the car, give yourself like 1 or 2 feet of cable that you will coil up and leave up in that area where you will replace the foam piece later. I do this because if you ever want to replace the antenna, as, like all good things, some will rip them off, you could inexpensivley and easily solder a new one onto the excess antenna cable you left under the console area.
9. Find the white cable that was connected to the FM cable. Cut off the connector of the FM antenna cable and then use electrical tape or duct tape to fasten the XM antenna plug end to the newly cut FM antenna cable.
10. On the Passenger side, remove the large creme colored plastic panel that hold the roof material in place. It is right above the door and about 4 feet long. You'll see two cables underneath it. The wrapped white cable is the one you want to remove from the clips and than carefull pull through. With any luck, you'll see the XM antenna plug pop out shortly. From there, use your imagination. Just fish the XM antenna wire through the bottom and eventually behind the radio harness.
10 1/2. Make sure to reassemble the light and cream colored console at this point.
11. The Roady LCD can be set to green. It's not the exact same green, but close. It's the only one I could find in green and it happens to be only $47 at Circuit City.
12. To my bemusement, I discovered that it fits perfectly if you remove the ash tray. Like it was meant to fit in there. And, it's color is black and silver, so I will match many interiors. The faceplate is removable and they give you like 3 colors. If you were very industrious, you could paint the cover to match your cat exterior and then clip it in. For my, if came standard with silver so that worked out perfectly.
13. After unplugging the car battery, next, by removing the stock stereo, or any after market stereo you've installed, you'll find two or three wires taped together and leading to the cigarette lighter. Remove the outer tape and you'll find a black and an orange wire. (Plus a little groud wire thingy that you won't need so ignore it for now.
14. At Radio shack, buy there female cigarette lighter console. It's like $6 and worth it. Even has a secondary fuse. Also buy the little blue 14 to 18 gauge low voltage "tap-ins" they have. These let you attach the red and black wires from the new console to the orange and black wires without actually cutting the wires that lead to the cars cigarette lighter. After I tapped both of them, I reconnected my car battery and used my cell phone charger to make sure that the connnection was perfect. It was so I wrapped the little blue tap-ins with electrical tape. Next, I connected the XM lighter plug into the new console and wrapped it with electrical tape. Finally, I stuffed it way back on the right behind where the stereo sits.
15. After pulling out the cigarette ashtray, you'll see that there is a tiny area where you can slide all of the cables from behind the stereo to inside the hole where the ashtray was. Slide the power and the xm antenna wires through there.
16. At this point you have a few options. A. If you have a aftermarket stereo that has a mini plug 1/8th inch input, that is ideal. You'll connect a cable from there to the XM roady. B. If you have the tape player, use the provided cassette tape and put it in the car stereo. Next, you'll pull the cable coming out of it taut so that when you slide the stereo back in later, you only see like 1/2 and inch of cable. C. If you have a CD player, the XM comes with an FM transmitter so you can pick it up on your car stereo. If that is you, you have one less cable to worry about, but I've heard a slight decrease in fidelity.
17. Finally, after you've attached all the cables to the Roady which is now sitting snugly in the hole where the cigarette ashtray was located, test it to make sure your connections are all perfect.
18. Next, slide the stereo back in once the cable are nice and neat.
18.5. Make sure to add a waterproof silicone underneath the magnetic XM antenna so that it doesn't leak into the car. Radio Shack has one for like $6.
19. Buy the $15 remote because it makes operating the XM easier.
20. Enjoy!

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Ah thats not a bad idea man! Mad props to you! My antenna was already shaved but I may do this with my rear hatch or something (where the wiper currently go through)
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