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i was just wanting to know if the VHT Dye from stummitracing is what you use to change the color or the headliner, i know you can use it on the a pilars but i wasnt sure if you could use it on the headliner to, if not what do i use.

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No, you need to recover the headliner. When you remove your pillars, the headliner will come down. Get some 3M general adheisive spray for headliners, and get some headliner material. Call your local auto trim and interior shops, they sell headliner material in all kinds of colors. Just remove the headliner, spray half of it with the 3M spray, being careful to follow the instructions on the can, and also spray down half of the new headliner material, lay it down, do the other half, then trim off the excess. Leave just a little on the front and rear of the headliner, so you can wrap it around.
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