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changing back spark plugs

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OK guys I was about to get ready to change out my spark plugs and put a set of denso or ngk iridium plugs in. I have noticed that it looks real tight back there on the back 3 plugs. Is there a trick to changing out the back three plugs????
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Well first off you shouldn't use either of those plugs, use the Autolite DoublePlats or the Ford Motorcraft double plats.
Changing the rear plugs is a *****, two ways.
1. Lots of swivles and extentions and do it blind. or
2. remove the UIM, and do it partially blind.. :) and while the UIM is off, you can clean it.
You just need a socket, extention & pivot joint along w/a spark plug removal socket. I had no problems changing the rears, I'd say it took 15-20min. It's tight back there but you definitly don't need to remove the UIM.
Hey I didn't say he definitely had too, but its an option with a positive twist to it... cleaning the UIM.
Originally posted by: EricF
Well first off you shouldn't use either of those plugs
Just curious, but why?

I'm currently using NGK iridium plugs.
From what I've read on the CEG board.. anything other than
the recommended is a waste and not benifitial
Correct, Eric:

Our induction system uses a "waste spark" type coil, which actually causes spark not just from anode to cathode (conventional negative to positive), but also from cathode to anode (positive to negative). Not sure on the actual mechanics of the thing, but this is apparently what happens.

Thus, both cathode and anode must be of the same type of metal (in this case, platinum) or there will be premature wear, uneven spark, or misfires.
Believe it! Got some serious missfires from using Autolites.
Originally posted by: JScullin
Believe it! Got some serious missfires from using Autolites.
Autolite doubleplats?

I hope not, i just picked up a set a couple of days ago..........
I didn't even use a swivel when I did mine... The wrench fit perfectly with an 8" extension. 5 minutes tops...
I'm running Autolite Double Plats and have had no problems in the 5K i have had them.
I had mine for a couple weeks before I started getting missfires, bogging & rough idling. Soon as I put a set of MotorCrafts back in I've been fine since...
What were the # of the Autolites? I am using the APP103's and it worked perfectly.
Ummmm, you should be using Autolite APP764's if I'm not mistaken.
I have searched the boards and some members are using the APP103s. I believe its a step colder plug. Its working for me, and the autostore I bought them from made sure they were right for my car before selling them to me. I know the guy who works there also, so i know he wouldnt sell me the wrong plugs.
Autolite makes Motorcraft. They're the same thing.

Also it is the APP764's you want to run. The APP103's are too cold.

Also any plug that is not double platinum will wear extremely fast and throw missfires. (like previously stated)
This includes any Bosch plug (POS's anyway), any iridium plugs, and so for where is does not specifically state it is a double platinum.

Morale of the story is stick with the Autolite/Motorcraft DP plugs...
You say too cold, but what will happen if i continue to run these plugs? I have heard of other members running the same plugs.
I run NGK 2 steps colder copper plugs on a daily basis. The only bad side effect I have had is that my gas mileage is really bad! I use a $6 bottle of octane booster and only the best gas on every fill up and I still only get 16MPG city driving! I think that soon I am going to try 1 step colder plugs and see if that helps. When I used to fill the tank up, I would have like 350 miles, now it is only about 250!!!

I put NGK Iridiums in in the spring, and I love them. Car idled smoother, ran better. So what if it wears out before double plats? I can *afford* a set of spark plugs every now and then. Don't believe the hype about only running Motorcraft double plats.

zexcougar u said that u used the best gas and octane bottle

well our cars are meant to run on 87 octane (unless u have a chip)
u should try using it for a few tanks and see if u get better gas mileage
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