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Should we meet to discuss this. Anyone have a list of possible sponsors. Maybe we can just start posting them all here with contact info then one of us take a couple of hours and make some phone calls / emails happen.

Possible sponsors i can think of:

Kurtz Kustomz Motorsports
Wings West
Street Weapon
Andy's Autosport
Ground Control

can't think of anymore - but maybe if we can hassle a dealership or two it would help. I'm gonna talk to my dealership as i beleive they still have some of the older Inform Design kits and are trying to get rid of them, could be a charity write off for them.

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I can try to help.. I can try to contact other suppliers.. I know Visteon was contacted about CF2K1 though I am not so sure they will come seeing as they no longer do aftermarket body kits.. I am going to send an email to a contact at AAI to see who is replacing Visteon.
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