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Does anybody have the CD service manual for their Cougar? There is somebody selling them
on Ebay now for $18 plus shipping, but they are burned copies. Has anybody ever bought one of these off Ebay and
are they any good? :shrug:

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I've got one of those for the 1999-2001 Cougar/Contour/Mystique?Mondeo.

There's a ton of info & trouble-shooting guides, How To's, pictures...

With the CD & and OBD-II tool, I don't think you'd ever need your local dealership mechanic again.

The only things I don't like about it:

(1) It's got a goofy format. Everything is laid out a little different, however, if you take some time to wander around, you'll find everything you'll need. It's definitely not a Microsoft product!

(2) There's no part numbers on anything except for some specialty tools.

(3) The pictures are very low-res. If you print them out, they're very choppy.

I only paid $12 for mine last Fall. I burned it and mailed to someone named "Darcy" in CA, but I guess somehow the damn Cougar info. disappeared.

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