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Carribean Custom came through--V-Tech's Installed!

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OK, so my car is pretty tame compared to most of you, ha ha. But anyway, FINALLY got my v-tech tail's from Caribbean Custom today and they looked beautiful and ready to install right out of the box. (If anyone doesn't know already, they will prepaint any factory color and ship it to you painted.)

You can find some pics here!

Please excuse the mess of the garage, and the white strips on old burgandy towel you see on the garage floor are freshly painted quarter-round/base boards for our new kitchen floor. They were still too wet to move out of the way for the install or the pics. Oh well. And yes, it is garbage day.

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Nice!....I got mine from summit and now I'm having them painted....mine will stand out...

I probably paid a little more but oh well....
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Looks nice, I love that color. By the way, how long did it take for them to get to you??
Took a while. They're a special order item so they take 2-3 weeks for most people. Mine had to be repainted because they didn't pass the initial inspection, which delayed them a bit. Plus it took a while to get through the border into Canada (was 8 days in transit!). All in all was about a month for me.....

Thanks for the compliment....
Hey, they look great! Your color is my favorite color the cougar comes in! i really wanted it but they stopped making it for 2001. it's ok though! anyway was it easy to install them? i am not to good with cars except for driving them so would i be able to do it?

I'm glad somebody had a good experience with Caribbean Custom. It's been over 3 weeks now. I got my covers 2 days ago but they sent me 2 drivers side covers. I'm supposed to get the passenger one today. I've heard the "didn't pass inspection" excuse 3 times now.
Scott~~ the covers look very nice

Mike~~ the covers are very easy to put on .. i did mine in like 5 mins

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well, I got my passenger side cover today.

It has a pretty bad run in it but I'm tired of dealing with then so I'll just live with it.
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cougardew, damn, that's some bad luck you're having with them. That really sucks dude, I feel for you. I guess maybe they rushed it trying to get it out to you asap. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with them. Other than the long wait time my experience was pretty decent...

BIGCAT, they're super easy to put on. They come with four strips of double-sided 3M tape already on. You just peel the coverings off the strips, line the cover up very carefully, and push. Voila, instant covers!
I agree about the colour too, couldn't figure out why they discontinued it but maybe it just wasn't popular enough. If I were buying today it would probably be the dark shadow gray tho.....mmmmmmm......

All, thanks for the compliments.
I love my car!! (OK, not in that way, but you know what I mean...
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It's ok to love your car, just don't LOVE your car.

Thanks for the sympathetic ear. I put mine on during my lunch break. Piece of cake.
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