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Car won't stay running

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99 ATX V6: Well I can turn my car on but it won't stay running. The car will start in the 32-degree mornings no problem but when it's warm (like today it is 75-degrees) it won't start. The ignition and all my lights are on but the engine dies. I got a new alternator 2 months ago and changed my fuel filter yesterday. I'm completely confused and so is everyone else. Am I having some kind of electrical short? I'm really getting frustrated and any help would be great :)
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is your engine light on? Maybe a bad o2 sensor if so...?

Also, do you have any engine mods?
My engine light was on. Autozone gave me a code that told me low coolant so I had them turn off the engine light. No engine mods at all. Today we disconnected the throttle position sensor and reved it by hand then plugged it back in. Then itt idled by itself. Maybe that's dirty? Or the mass air flow?
Yeah, maybe the TPS. Or the IACV (idle air control valve)... I'd start with the IACV, because it is a fairly inexpensive part... Right guys/gals???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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