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Car: 1998 VW Jetta GT
Engine: 2.0L
Transmission: Auto

The car has been sitting for approx. 1 year
I was replacing all 4 rotors and pads for a guy I work with
I jump the car and we let it idle for a bit. the idle was way low
around 400-500 rpms. Motor was shaking and having a hard time.
I let it idle then drove it up and down a the driveway. Then the idle fixed at around 900-1,000rpm's

I pull the car out onto the road starting off slow and letting the tranny take it's time.
Right as it seemed like the car was about to shift into second gear the rpms drop
to 1,000 and the car seems to just die. I let off the gas, the car is creeping along
so I give it gas and try to get going. It acelerates fine but as soon as it starts to get
up to around 25-30mph it drops off again.

He said he had a tune up done on it before he left it just sit for a year. I checked and the fuel
filter looks newer, the plugs were fine and the air filter looked great. I checked the oil it was
normal and at level. There was no tranny dipstick on this car. I checked the manual it said VW dealer
has to check and maintain tranny levels. The engine responds perfectly while in nuetral and will rev
to 5,000 and above rpms. I filled the gas tank with fresh gas.
The only way to describe it is as if a governor is not letting the car get past a certain speed or shifting point.
I suspect maybe an electric control or some type of actuator from the engine to tranny maybe a module
of some sort. Not sure. Any help would be much appreciated.
I'm also contacting the VW Ohio forum as well.



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I just left my Dodge Intrepid sitting for about 3 months, and when I went to drive it, it was stuck in 2nd. According to the manual, the transmission will go into this "limp mode" if there's a problem. After talking with numerous car guys, they all suggest that all of the particles in the tranny fluid have settled to the bottom, and that the filter in the tranny is dry. It sounds like the Jetta has the same issue: the particles in the tranny fluid have settled and are now getting thrown up into the gears.
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