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Car Accident #2, not at fault...may give up on the coug...

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Some of you know i've been having horrible luck with my car...and as a 16 year old, senior year in high school, working all the's getting to be more work than i wanted...

To make a long story short, i was getting ready to pull out of the school parking lot, and a Dodge Dakota was in front of me...a bus was turning in, so the Dakota was going to back up to give it room...she went way to far, way too fast...ended up nailing my car head on...err...rear to head on...

They didn't want to go through insurance, but luckily, her father owns a custom body shop in Aston, the car will probably look better than it did prior to the accident...still, i'm not having great luck with the car, and i really don't feel like wasting anymore time/money on it...although i love the car, and i love to work on it, i just don't have the time for it now...but hey, im sure when i see the brand new parts on the car, freshly painted, i'm going to change my

For those of you who didn't know, i'm still fighting a case for my first accident, which was also not my fault...but here's a little timeline of my car. Keep in mind i got my license about 6 months this is a lot that's happened in such a little time...

Here's the car when it was stock, and in working order...

This is after the first accident...

After a lot of hard work, and a lot of new parts, thanks to Jimmy (MercuryCougar) for a lot of them, this is how it looked...

Also, nobody here but Jimmy knew i got a new system, just installed about a week ago...1300 watts RMS at 13.3 volts, to one 12" L7...the thing KICKED

And after today's incident, this is how my car stands right now......

So, there you have it...again, im not sure if i want to keep going on like this...i know, every incident with the car was sheer lack of luck, wrong place/wrong time kind of i dunno, maybe i'll hang on to it for a while, it's definitely a fun car. Court date for the first accident is Nov. 9th, so maybe if my insurance drops back down, that'll help me decide on whether to keep it or not...we'll see i guess

Wish me luck guys/girls...i'll try to keep you all updated...
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Yeah, I think I'd give up if my car looked like a red X too
Yeah, I think I'd give up if my car looked like a red X too
I think the x's look nice. I say keep it.
in all seriousness though, dont give up. it'll all work out in the end:thumbsup:
Originally posted by: jrarod3
I think the x's look nice. I say keep it.
Well, they certainly are different . . . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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Magic- God dude!! You just cant catch a break... it doesnt look like you had your 5mph bumper installed, i guess beacuse it wouldnt fit with the aftermarket bumper. But damn, that is a lot of damage to that front bumper. IT looks like you will have to replace the headlight(s) again, possibly the grill, i cannot tell. I dont know if your hood was affected in the pictures either, or if it is just popped. Is there any frame damage from what you can tell? If there is thats big bucks, and of course they wont want to settle thru insurance!!! But who cares, its your car and you need to get reimbursed for the damage... if someone hit my car like that, it would sure as hell be going thru insurance. I cant believe you wouldnt let insurnace handle it!?! Its there fault, your fully covered!!! :banghead::banghead::banghead:
Ouch! It's painful just to look at those pics. Wait til her dad fixes it and make sure it's absolutely perfect. Don't give up man. Long live the cougie!

Btw, nice avatar. Is that a standard?
Originally posted by: IUPcoug00
\Btw, nice avatar. Is that a standard?
Knappstaman - Thanks for loading the images, i've done it before, but wasn't thinking this time...
Also, the only reason we're leaving insurance out of it is because of the fact he owns a body first my dad and i were thinking absolutely not, we're not gonna trust anybody but the insurance...but when we saw him pull up in his 1950something EXTREMELY custom hot rod, hands down one of the nicest pieces of work i've ever seen...nowhere near stock, best body work/paint job i've seen in my life...that's when we decided to trust him with it, since most of it is just exterior body work...without a doubt it'll get done faster, and it will definitely look better than it did when i had it.

right now the list is: the hood is fine, but i'll need both headlights, grill, front end, POSSIBLY passenger side's bowed, but could probably be fixed...and the only metal bent is where the bumper connects to the body...that thin black piece bent down w/ the fiberglass...not to mention the 3 stage paint, that's half the price of the damage...

IUPcoug00 - Yeah i'm not accepting anything less than perfection from this guy, and i honestly trust he'll do that...
by the way, the avatar is my Gibson SG Special (note it still has the dot inlays), but im almost positive the pickups i threw in there are 57 classics? Or maybe 59's...
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Nice guitar. I thought about getting one of those a couple years ago to replace my ESP. But of course, the money went into my car:biggrin:
hmm... maybe thats why my insurance rates keep going up every 6 months.. :( I wish I had that nice of a car when I was 16

anyways, good luck and that was painful to look at.
Heh yeah i love this guitar...but i definitely know what you mean, after a while the guitar stuff slows down, and the car stuff puts a hole in your pocket...

Yeah Crispy, I definitely worked hard to get this car...and then even harder to get it the way it is...err, was. I've always loved cars, but always thought it'd be a LONG time before i got a nice car, and started doing stuff to it...lucky for me i found an extremely well paying job right after i turned 16.

But oh well...again, we'll see how it looks when he's done with it...then go from there i suppose :shrug:
Man Danny, that really sucks. They better give you a custom widebody with an awesome paint job if they aren't going through insurance (which is illegal)
They aren't going to repair that bumper are they?

If I could have relived the past 3 months, I would have kept my cougar, they are sexy looking cars...
You should never give up on the coog. Accidents happen, its not the coug's fault!
Originally posted by: mercurycougar
Man Danny, that really sucks. They better give you a custom widebody with an awesome paint job if they aren't going through insurance (which is illegal)

is it really illegal?
find a front bumper that keeps the 5mph reimforcement... had you still had yours that damage would have been half that or less... thats one of the reasons why I picked the Extreme -- also an aftermarket bumper tends to sag less with one.
Originally posted by: CougarKat

is it really illegal?

Well not reporting an accident to your insurance company is I believe.
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