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camilion paint

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does anyone know where i can find good prices on camilion paint? Or where I could order it from? I am really interested in a midnight purple color....also wanna check out some other colors, but have little information on all of this.
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Best thing to do is go to body shops in your area and get estimates. Usually body shops get a lower rate than regular customers because they order so much paint at one time. It'd be kinda pointless for you to buy it yourself anyways, since you'd need someone to spray it on. Don't let anyone but a VERY good sprayer put the chameleon paint on. It's REALLY hard to spray that paint and have it look good since there are so many different layers that have to go on, and it all has to be as evenly sprayed as possible. I'd say to get your car painted with a chameleon paint, you'll want to plan on spending at LEAST $10,000 for paint, materials and labor.
Try House of Kolor, but expect to pay upwards of a grand per quart. I'm not sure, but that's what i've heard. If you wanted, you could save yourself a lot of money and look into pearlescent paint instead.
do regular bodyshops even accept jobs like that? I thought maybe you'd need to go to shop that specializes in that kind of stuff to get it done.

It took my g/f 5 shops til she found one that would do it. Also make sure you goto a shop that has done it because if it isnt done right it will look cloudy
Also make sure you goto a shop that has done it because if it isnt done right it will look cloudy
from overspray
NO not overspray. If you dont spray enough coats you will get a cloudy effect. My g/f had her trunk done 3 times now. THe first time it was cloudy, the second time it was more purple now it is VERY blue/purple and changes 12 colors.
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