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build a rear strut tower brace?

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i was thinking today, it wouldn't be hard to build a rear strut tower brace, has anybody done this? and if so do you have a how-to or suggestions?
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i dunno man, honestly, time+effort-quality= worth buying a new one, Ive been to some ghetto car shows where the typical honda guys have built their own bars, and it looked hideous.

but thats just me
some contour guys have done it, with nice results.
Some NECO guys (ov3n & cougargt) have done it with much success (& sales)!

(Attached you'll find some trunk shots of my car with a "Fast Track Performance" rear STB installed! (c/o Nick & Matt!)

EDIT...Thanks again guys...not only does it LOOK GREAT, but the handling (& chassis rigidity) is AMAZING!
My concern would be reinforcing the strut towers themselves.. If you look at the material in the strut tower, you'll find the metal very thin. It will dent easily. Some aftermarket strut tower braces have actually bent the material in the towers (the makers will remain anonymous). This is not what you want!

That is why Ford did such a great job reinforcing the strut tower braces and distributing the forces to the BOTTOM of the strut tower and didn't rely on just the top.. If you are looking just for looks be very careful.. If you really want the bar to be functional.. get yourself a Ford ST200 brace.. They really are a well designed piece of hardware.. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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