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Broken spindle & in need wheel bearing install advice

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My sons car needed wheel bearing so I bought a set and sent him to the grandparents ( barn with a large hydraulic press on hand).

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He watched a youtube video that made it look easy and instead a 20 year old Michigan car broke the caliper hanger while trying to press the first one out.

I drove out to help and we tried heating the second one ( yes snap rings were removed) with a torch and used PB Buster to assure it was getting a little extra attention but no luck with that one either.

I have a "new to me" set of used spindles on the way and I'm looking for tips and tricks to get them apart safely to install the new wheel bearings without breaking them to get the car back on the road.

Has anyone had success in cutting the old ones out? seems like it would be tricky but maybe possible with a 2" cutoff wheel.

Also if you have used a hydraulic press to press yours out what did you use to support the three tabs? BL- I may have missed the DIY post for this but I came up short. Any advice would be appreciated.

PS- No that the car is down for a week should I do control arms / ball joints at the same time?
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I just pressed in several this past weekend. I can do them pretty quick now, having done as many as I have.

Knock the center spindle out of the old hub assembly from the back with a hammer. Remove spring clip and press the remaining outer bearing race from the knuckle from the back. It takes all kinds of fiddling and fidgeting with different tools and spacers and things to find the right combo to fit to be able to press it out successfully.

Then you have to knock the inner race off the center spindle, which is the annoying part. I like to use a torch to heat it up until it gets loose, then knock it off with a hammer/chisel. Some folks will cut a notch in it with a grinder and smack it until it cracks loose.

Anyways, then after cleaning up the inner surface of the knuckle, you press the bearing into it from the front, until it bottoms out against the spring clip. Then you press the center spindle into the bearing until it bottoms out as well. Then you're done.

No real tricks or secrets - just put in the work.
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I have a round piece of aluminum bar that is the size of the bearing that I use to press them out. I always have it with the outer surface facing down. Ive never had to press on the tabs
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