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Story time!!! For those in a hurry, last two paragraphs have the meat in them.

I'm sharing this because I've not seen the solution posted anywhere, and it is a potentially easy fix compared to junking the car or bypassing the normal wiring to directly activate the brakes.

A few weeks ago the brake lights on my daughters Cougar stopped working. I did some research & checked the usual suspects; fuses, brake light switch, under hood fuses - No luck.

Dug deeper; checked the short pigtail wiring harness that the brake light & shifter release switches plug into (it's an automatic tranny). They looked fine, continuity tested OK on harness & switches. I was stumped, so off to the dealer.

They weren't able to pinpoint the problem either (glad they have only an $89 diagnostic fee because they had the car there for 3 days). The dealer service writer put together a price to replace the main wiring harness and a bulb monitoring module. Final quote: $4200. No thanks.

I did get curious about the harness & this misterious bulb monitoring 'module' that I knew nothing about. More research and found out the short brake light switch pigtail harness female plugs sometimes are not snug on the male connector pins, so I pulled it apart again and crimped the female plugs so they made good solid contact.

Then took a look at the module. Pin #3 was ROASTED! The female plug on the connector was not making good contact on that pin because there was obvious signs of corrosion. Snugged up the plugs in that connector, opened the module box, re-soldered a connction for pin 3 and plugged everything in.

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