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Boxing in Rear Sway Bar

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Hey can anyone please help me in detail on how to box in my 21mm rear sway bar? I searched and I can't find anything on how to do it. If anyone could help me i would appreciate it.
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No one seems to know how to box in the rear sway bar mounts. I figured it out for myself. Thanks anyway, 21MM Sway Bar installed on my 2002 cougar P.O.C.
Hey i was wondering how u boxed in your rear sway bar
it has nothing to do with boxing the sway bar, it has to do with boxing the mounting points on the rear sub frame.

and how to? Well you need to know how to work a wielder [thats about where I stopped]
Please check out this link for the photos of my Boxed in rear subframe mounts. Boxed In Mounts


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Linked to FCO

This is how I have reinforced mine. (yes, welding knowledge is required.) Most of the pics are at the bottom of the page.... I'll add some more later this evening.
Not if you take the subframe off the car.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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