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Just like the title states, I "bought" (for the mere cost of shipping) the '02 Cougar owners manuals (not expected in the purchase) and binder from 02cougarchic! (I wanted the binder itself since it is black & red - matches my car perfectly! ;)) She was SO gracious that she offerred them up FOR FREE and only asked that I pay for the shipping costs! She was SO easy to deal with! She waited patiently for payment to arrive, and shipped EXTREMELY promptly! Product arrived VERY quickly and in PERFECT condition! If anyone is interested in doing business with her I HIGHLY recommend her!
Thanks again Jessica!

BTW...I have the original 99 binder WITH the COMPLETE 02 manuals availbale and listed RIGHT NOW in "for sale" for anyone who didn't get "books" when they bought their car!

EDIT...Just as an update, the manuals and binder have been SOLD!
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