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Bondo or Bolt on?????

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I have a Dragon z body kit and I was wondering what would be the better the way to install it. Bondo or Bolt on??? Any info would be a great help. thanks alot! TD [email protected]

99' laser red cougar with,
omp strut tower bar, rousch rear sway bar, ground contol adjustable coilovers,apexi cat back exhaust, Injen air intake,
Vitek ignition wires, 18" MKW MK12, Nitto 555 225/40zr/18, Eclipse deck, 5 1/4 MB Quart door speakers.
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i think the general consensus is to use 3m doublesided foam tape, then once it is perfectly in place, bolt it on. you could go back and use bondo to give it that molded on look if you want, but i would highly suggest bolting it. you really don;t want to loose a piece b/c bondo wasn't strong enough. just my $ o.o2
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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