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Bogging out problem

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Hey I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem as I am or if anyone can help me. My 2002 mercury cougar 2.5 has been running pretty bad lately mainly in low rpms if i hit the gas it will bog out and act like if doesn't want to go and it rarely does it at high rpms, but occasionally it will. I changed my fuel pump and DPFE sensor alittle while ago. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it. :confused:
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Excluding the DPFE/fuel pump from the diagnosis, I'd say it's the TPS sensor or the MAF. Something's causing the engine to believe there's more air than there is coming into the motor, the ECU signals the injectors to stay open longer, and you bog in your own fuel.

Eletronics cleaner for the MAF, then pull codes, or monitor the TPS/MAF voltages across the range from idle to WOT run. See what happens.

Problem is the car's more computer than vehicle... You need a computer to fix it (Autotap, etc.)
Have a close look at all 6 of your spark plugs and wires.
what is the DPFE? I have the same problem and i just changed my fuel pump and that wasnt it so now iam moving on
Right from the FAQ!

DPFE: Differential Pressure Feedback EGR. This sensor detects pressure differential across two points on the EGR feed tube to ensure the proper operation of the EGR valve. Common cause of "EGR flow Insufficient" or "EGR flow excessive" CELs
If the TPS/MAF were the problem would my CEL be on? thanks
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