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Body Kits n' Hoods

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Good Evening,
I've always contemplated installing a body kit on my cougar to give it some style and I just did something extremely stupid tonight so I need to buy at least new hood. So I was debating buying a kit with everything, for say under $1000.00. The windshield is cracked so I"m gonna go to the dealers tomorrow and have it replaced but the hood is torn to [censored] on the upper left side. My question is how difficult is installing a body kit? I'm a novice when it comes to cars but figured it would be possible to do it myself. Could anyone recommend a good website for body kits and hoods (If at all possible a pre-painted kit/hood I don't know if they exist but I don't want to spend the money on taking them to a shop for color.) Thanks you and good night.
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no you will not be able to install it your self if you want it too look good, mostly becasue you do not have enough experience. also they do not sell prepainted body kits. they are a couple websites check the forr sale section for some kits and also use
If you putting on a fiberglass kit (drift, terminator, blitz, etc...) where the sideskirts need to be molded to the car, you won't be able to do it yourself.

If you are putting on a lip kit like Wings West, Roush, Visteon, Kaminari, etc, you should be able to just take the parts to a bodyshop, get them painted, and put the kit on yourself. I did my Wings West kit in one night...they're only held on with two-way tape and a few screws. There really isn't that much to it.
Ok thanks, I appreciate the help.
check out ebay for the ... roush? kit, either the roush of visteon i forget ... but someone on there had them prepainted for sale ... lil expensive, but it might be what you want ... its a lip kit ... i think it was under ford roush i'd look but don't have the time right now sorry
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