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body kit price

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Im looking to buy the drift body kit...fairly cheap. I was wondering about how much do you think it will be after the body shop installs and paints it?
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you can probably get the kit for say $500 and i would say at least $800 for a shop to put it on, just a very rough estimate
you could put it on yourself very easily in an afternoon, but thats if it fits properly
Drift style kits are pretty cheap... however, most people use different sideskirts and just sell the Drift ones because they fit terribly and they are what make the cost of install go up drastically.
Drift skirts are [censored] ... i can tell ya first hand, the rear bumper was a pretty good fit, nothing crazy crazy for mods ... lil work needed on the passenger side ... it is however slowly warping in ... As far as the skirts go, the skirts are [censored] as i said, they are too small and are twisted. we had to cut mine and add a good 1" or so. I didn't install the front, i got the vstyle which for some fit excellent, for me it was warped ... I walked out of the shop with a $3200 bill after full installation, molded skirts (Which i suggest for any skirts especially the drift), shaved trunk, all parts, and having the entire car repainted. I'd say for that kit +shipping + installation figure around $2000+ cause of the skirts ...
well im tryin to only spend round 1500 max on a bodykit. Which kit do you recomend that is easy install? I just need the body kit painted black so idk if thats any cheaper or not.
don't get one because it's easy to put on, get a nice one that you like that ain't cheap!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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