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Black 99/00 front forsale

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has a little bit od white marking on the lower portion of the center beam a littel paint chepped off basicly... (looks like there may have been a repair there at one point. but with a ltitel touch up paint could be fine... it does havd a front plate holder with it, bought it from Dave in canada. there alsi is a repair on on of the sides but it isn't noticable from the outside the bumper was painted after the reapair and looks pretty alright. woudl be alright for a DD not perfect paint by anymeans but it isn't a bad bumper... looking to get about $75.00 us for this get ahold of me if interested. bumper is located in holland michigna but I can bring it to Auburn Hills where I live if I have a buyer. (Only didn't install this one because I got ahold of a 99 pre painted DTG to put on y car that looks good enough for now...
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still available
do you have any pictures?
I'd be surprised if he still had it 5 years later!!! :rofl:
I bought it 5 years ago, here's a picture of it. I repainted it though. Hope the picture helped you out. :rofl:

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