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Big Problem

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Ok, I have read every post on moosing and cannot find out what is wrong with my 2.5l mtx, when the car is run hard, the intake starts screaming, rpm and speed remain constant, but move very slow, clutch is fine, i do have a broken (but functional) tensioner, the car just accelerates slowly after 3300 rpm, and is fine before the valves kick in, could this be the IAC? Please help.
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Sounds like the IMRC is going... it probably isn't opening up the secondaries, hence the lack of power.
what's an imrc? just so i know
Intake Manifold Runner Control. It's right underneath the black plastic engine shroud bolted onto the top/front of your engine. The thing that says "2.5 L DOHC 24 VALVE".

It's a box held on by 3 bolts, with a wiring harness and a cable coming out of it.

It controls your secondary manifold runner butterflies (the things that make your car really take off at 3500 RPM's).
That sounds like the culprit. It should be an easy change out as you could do it yourself. However, get your car diagnosed to make sure that:
1. It is the culprit
2. There isn't anything else causing the problem.
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