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Best price you have gotten for Eibach springs?

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I am trying to get a good deal for you guys. Got to see if it's worth it though.
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$150.00 from a friend who now owns an Audi S4
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not talking about used here. new from a reputable shop.
protuning 2 questions

1. do u think they will be making springs for 01? cuz 99 00 springs dont work

2. did u get the new address and mail the hood off?

Protuning: $182 (not part of the contour/CEG deal) $233
Nevermind then.. you guys get it too cheap.
but feel free to find deals on other cool stuff for us ;-)

like wings west or razzi kits.
Sorry. We only deal with Kaminari for body kits at this time. said $213 for me. Where do you get 182?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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