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What is the best way to wax the car to get maximum reflection and protection?
I have tried:
Turtle Emerald
Meguire's Cleaner Wax
Meguire's Gold

I like the Gold the best.
Does anyone have recommendation on prep or what best to buff with.
I do use a buffer to apply and buff (ZERO swirls...awesome).
On my previous car, i used polymers, but i don't want to do that anymore.


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I've always been happy with Mcguire's Gold, in combination with Mcguire's "Quik Wax" and "Quik Detailer".

Use the Gold about once a month, then use the 'Quik Wax' and 'Quik Detailer' for quick upkeep.

Leave's no swirls or streaks. Click on my pictures below and you'll see what I mean....
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