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Bent rims :-(

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I took my car in to fix the engine misfire thing. They fixed it but also told me that one of the rims is bent. I have noticed shaking around 50 mph. My mom is saying that I need to get just a new single rim. I am not all about it, I don't want a brand new rim all shinny and stuff standing out from my other rims ( not in perfect condition but they are alright.) This sucks a lot. Anybody have any ideas? Maybe someone could sell me some rims? That is if my Dad agrees on buying aftermarket rims. I think he will though. Has anybody else's stock 99' 6 spoke rims ever bent?
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coulda been a pot hole or curb. Post a want to buy and someone will hook you up.
how bent is it? Can you put piece of wood on and try to straighten it out with a hammer?

the shop sent it away to be fixed, cost 150 bucks :-/ also my mom told me the total for fixing this misfire problem and the rim was 700 dollars??!??!?!?! that CAN't be right?
ALSO WTF THERE ARE LIKE A MILLION SCRATCHES AND DENTS IN MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
write your local road commision and have them fit the bill for the rim. POT HOLES!
Originally posted by: Zalec
write your local road commision and have them fit the bill for the rim. POT HOLES!
If the pot hole was reported before you bent the rim on the pot hole you may be able to get money. I tried when I saw like 10 people off to the side of the road with flats that hit the same pothole I hit a week earlier. Nobody reported it though, so no dice.
i had 3 bent stock rims after having my car for a year. they were still somewhat decent to drive on, so i kept on for another year after i knew the rims were bent. when i blew up a tire, my one rim was so bent it couldn't hold a bead. i couldn't drive on the wheel after that. so i figured id get all new wheels instead of 1 stock one. it was actually cheaper to get 2-pair ICW-Racing wheels than ford stock cougar wheels. the people who changed out my wheels said i was DEFINITELY not the first person with a cougar to have this problem. But FORD tries to screw you over when they can, so i think they didn't make the aluminum wheels as strong as they should have been. :ugh:
My wife's 1999 2.5 Cougar had a bent rim and subsequent flat (when under warranty) and I told her she must have hit something. However, as the toy lug wrench broke, and we were waiting on roadside service, we both alked back the last 1/2 mile and didn't find anything. Oh well! I bought a used rim and new tire and chalked it up! Then a week or two later, as she was pulling into the driveway a second tire went flat. This time the rim was bent at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock-no way that she could have run over the same item twice!! So I called Ford(No Luck!!), took it into the dealer(No Luck!!!!) had it out with the Zone Rep(No Luck!!!!!!!), filed a petition for small claims court LOTS OF LUCK!!!!! They couldn't get it fixed fast enough! They replaced all four chrome 16" rims without the "Cougar" logo with ones with the logo and reimbersed me for all expenses. That was 1 1/2 years ago. Haven't had any trouble sense!! I'm curious if all of these bent rims are the 16" chromed rims?

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there is a place in bath pa wheelcollision center. They will take your bent rim and fix it good as new. Or you can buy discounted rims from em. They hooked me up big time and for 2 rims was under $150 to get them both fixed. I didn't really want to see what they were doing to fix em but I know it involves a torch and a hammer.

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