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Beach meet still available. Free to all.

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My beach house is still available from Sept 3-30th. Give me a weekend that is good for you and i will reserve it for us. Need info as soon as possible so it doesn't get rented in the time being.....i will be going down a thursday-Sunday so anyone is welcome to come down and stay at any time through that. There are 5 bedrooms, plus couches and an inflatable bed if so required. Give me your input. Beach house is located on the Isle of Palms in SC. 15 min outside of Charleston.

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which side of charleston is it? the southern side towards GA or towards NC?

if you go any weekend that is not NOPI NATS weekend i could prolly make it...anyone else going?
Several members of Caro Neco are going, several cooga members have expressed interest in the past, so nopi nats is the 2nd weekend of Sept right? I can reserve the third weekend.
interested! :wave:
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