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OK i just had my Alt. and bat replaced. When I left the place that put it in, my check engine light was off and I had no codes!!! I was excited. Then the next day I checked my codes again and I had the 9318 but no check engine light. but when i stopped to go into a store and when I came back out a started up my car there was the check engine light. Any one have the same prob?? If so let me know and iff you have an answer to fix my prob let me know!!

Rob D

you will get a 9318 code if you just start the car, this is because of the amount of power to start the car comes from the battery. this is normal, and since the DTC codes come from start up, the code will not go away until the system is recycled. and that will usually trigger a 9318 again if you have a large drain of electrical devices, such as a big stereo, lights on, etc. so the best way to check the electrical system is cycle thru the options to the voltage meter and make sure it is between 13 and 14.4 volts.

as far a the check engine, that is seperate of the electrical system. the check engine is emissions, nothing to do with the electrical system (that i know of).
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