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Hey everyone, A few months ago I was having idle issue that I posted on here. But after 2 months, I finally got my car back. Ill just summarize. This all started months ago when I drove my car for the first time after it's winter slumber. It was idling high and throwing p1506 IAT sensor engine over speed etc. I replaced literally everything from the IAT sensor and every other associate part, the entire EGR system, TPS all the plastic vacuum lines. Any part that may impact the idle. During this time I took it to a local shop and they replaced some of aforementioned items. But it would still code out and it just didn't seem like it had the power it use to. I finally took it to my mechanic and friend for many years. He said since I had been using NOS for several years it was likely an intake gasket leak. That was just the tip of the iceberg. the LIM was shot, the secondaries were non existent, the actuator was toast. The rod that goes between intake runners was missing. It had a few oil leaks and two huge intake manifold leaks. I will attach pictures starting from the smoke test which only took like a couple seconds and holy cow. All the gaskets including the valve covers were replaced and i got a new LIM and the parts for the secondaries to function. Put in a new water pump and belt while he had it apart.The valves were cleaned and a compression test was completed and the intake runner module was relocated away from the valve cover into the engine bay so it wouldn't be subjected to all that heat. Although it took a while it was worth the time and money. It runs like new but better IMHO. It idles perfect. There is no hesitation and it pulls in every gear. I don't know that it has ever ran this good. I still have yet to throw any NOS at it until I run another tank of cleaner through it just to make sure all or most of the residual carbon on the valves is gone. Here are some pics.
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