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Chicago was fun. Lisa had a veterinary conference, and her hospital was picking up the hotel bill, so I went along.

I saw a melina blue Zetec with 18's and a 3rd brake light vinyl mod downtown, but I couldn't catch up to it in all the traffic. Played freeway tag with a few Cougars on the road. Somebody was driving a new Ferrari 360 downtown, and the clutch was NOT HAPPY. Apparently, the driver was NOT down with the manual tranny. Sad, really. Also saw a yellow Murcielago, REALLY CLOSE-UP. Awesome, awesome car. I hoped they would open it up so I could hear that SWEET exhaust note, but no such luck.

And one more reason to wax your car - while on the freeway, I got biffed by a piece of road debris - a BIG one - at about 80 miles per hour. I think it was a piece of wood. It flew out from under a van and smacked my sunroof, which was open. Luckily it didn't hit the windshield, and luckily it didn't fall inside the car. Anyways, there was a nasty scuff on the sunroof, and I figured the paint was toast. But I washed the car tonight, and a little elbow grease took it right off, with apparently no damage to the paint. No dent, either. And all the bugs washed right off as well. So I was breathing a big sigh of relief. I need to get a bra for road trips...

But it was SO nice to take the Cougar on a road trip for a change. Usually we are in the Saturn, because the dogs DO NOT ride in the Cougar. But the dogs were boarding this weekend, so we got to ride in style! Cougars are GREAT road cars. My leather seats and my sunroof and my V6, man...gotta love it. Columbus to Indy in 2 hours 10 min! And Columbus to Chicago in 5.5 hours.

And then, bonus - I came home today and my smoked sidemarkers were waiting for me. So those babies are installed, and they look just rock and roll. Thank you CustomCougars! I'll have to get a picture or two up.
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