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Autotrader Cougar

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This cougar is great!Is this anybody on the forum's? :cool:
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Is that an Xr? That looks realllly nice, i like that red. The Euro lights are sweet too
That might be one of the best cougar video's i have ever seen!!
Originally posted by: mercurycougar
This cougar is great!Is this anybody on the forum's? :cool:
dont know if hes a member here, i know hes a member over on tho, and that vid is hott
This is the first cougar for sale in an "ad" form that I've seen where the car actually looks GOOD, and the owner didn't LIE about something on his car (like a freakin twin turbo setup producing 900hp from the 2.5v6 with no other mods) :rofl:

i'd buy that car if i didn't have a cougar now :)
DAMN!! that video is bad as hell.
Anyone notice thats not the factory paint job? It is XR red, but its on a 99, and the XR's didnt get produced until 2002. Either way, its one damn pimp car. Very sweet.
What video are all you talking about I dont see it,all I see is a link to Autotrader with 1 pic of the car?:shrug:
wow. that is a hella nice car. cool vid as well:thumbsup:
haven't seen too many red cougars....first time i've seen the dragon z on a red cougar...looks pretty hot
i think that car looks and sounds great ,.. to bad its a atx. i would buy it if i had the money
i agree with all the above posts

and what i find weird is that no one has cracked on the dragon z front yet lol! looks hot!

dgnzcoug, maybe you should recruit this guy for your dragon z site? or maybe the guy who buys it....
Yo i brought this cougar it is the stock paint its just rio red they didnt make too many in rio red thats prob why you think it iant stock but its sick

thanks for all the comments
lets see some more pics of this car. nice car by the way.
i got it for 11500 with the stock parts
any sugestions on what i should get next
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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