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AOL Instant Messenger s/n's?

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Hey guys, just wondering who all has AIM screen names. It'd be nice to be able to contact everyone over AIM if some needs arose quickly, or we just wanted to chat in real time (as opposed to slow moving PM's on the board). If you don't have AIM, GET IT! It's an incredibly handy program, and it has no direct ties to AOL, so you're not required to get the service or hounded to do so. EVERYONE uses this thing too, so it's 100% probable that you could find friends you haven't talked to in a long time.

Anyway, I was just thinking this would be good if we ever want to have a discussion about future events, etc. There's a built in chatroom feature if we want to do a "conference call" type atmosphere. Just post with your nickname, and add everyone else to your list!

I go by:


Although EdgeCat is the one I use all the time. LonestarNECO is just the one I use when girls are stalking me.
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mine is

AOL and MICRO$OFT both suck big nuts, a bunch of microsoft servers jsut got cracked the other day namely should be fixed by wednesday though. oh hi i'm ZERO™ i go by unAmAricAn punk on aim (the one good thing aol has) lata folx any of you folx near houston if so point me to a performance shop
What type of stuff are you looking to do at a performance shop? There's a few like Carboy and HocusPocus, but they're almost all import stuff.
idunno its jsut kewl talkin to people in real life that can help me with what i want my car to do. the shops aren't a big deal its not like i got tons of cash to blow anyways

lata folx,

p.s. hey houston owners get a meeting organized i wanna go to one
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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