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Anyone who's installed neons help plz

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Where is a good spot to mount them on a coug 99? gonna be getting mien tomorrow wanted to know where a good spot to mount, someone said i could use the pinch welds.. But does that get in the way of Lifts?

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they shouldn't....lifts should be put on the frame of the car. I put mine right behind the pinch welds. Just drilled two holes on each side and ziptied the neons on. The front is really easy, just drill some holes in that plastic cover and ziptie. The rear is a bit difficult. You have to drill through some metal behind the bumper, and try to make sure it's high enough so that the tube doesnt touch the exhaust.

Nate there's quite a few members here in Tampa that have them done, and I think all of ours are on the pinch weld.........If ya want just take a look at them on Friday or Saturday :thumbsup:
Aye thx chris. I was trying to get them done before friday night when i come up though :( Wanted to get my car perdy lookin :) :) Im gonna go tak ea look tonight. and tomorrow at school put it up on a lift.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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