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Anyone who has stocks fogs could you help me and tell me if this connection clips is what a i need???

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yeah i was told a while ago that if i had a stcok wiring system for my car the guy who installed my aftermarket fogs that it would save time and money if he could just use the wiring from them. well he said that he couldnt find any wires. so i had the whole thing done. well a few weeks ago i was taking my grills off to be painted and i found a connector like in the picture below that was on both sides of the car and right behind where the stock fos would be,, could anyone confirm that these indeed are part of the fogs system and tell me what else i would need to have a stock fogs in there. cuz my aftermarkets are shattered and i like the look of the stocks,,, please someone help and sorry for it being too long mark
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They certainly look like default, if you have the stock fogs you turn it on by pulling the headlight switch, can yours be pulled? otherwise its kinna strange having another switch to turn on the lights...
nah i wanna get the stock fogs,, as for my light switch,, i can pull up but thats it.. i would go and get another switch cuz my lil black thing that shows you what mode you are in is bubbling up,, so i woud get another to fix it,, i just wanted to know if that was the clip... now my next question is. does this plug right into the back of the light?????
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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