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Anyone wanna Dyno?

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Well.. I am gonna see the price I can get if we do a group dyno.. The shop is in Warren not too far from 75 and 14 mile. They Dyno is the one that recreates a driving atmosphere.. the site is Detroit Speedworks Let me know if anyone is interested so I can see what it will cost.
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if anything i want to put exigent's car on this dyno.... and i want to do the Mystery mod to my car then go to the dyno...
Ok.. normal dyno is $75 for 2 runs.. Ifd we get a group together he will do it for $60 for 2 runs..
could we play with setups between runs... and if so how long will he give us to play with a setup?
What is the Mystery mod??? Or is it too big of a mystery???
the mystery mod consists of getting MSDS headers for about 10$... we beleive that the headers/manifolds on our cars are already tuned properly. We know they are not cast like other tipycal factory headers/manifolds. The problem with them is the precats located inside of them. From looking at pics of the MSDS headers they look nearly identical to the stock ones but no precats and a special piece of circuitry to fool the o2 sensors. So if you remove the pre-cats from your stock headers/manifolds you should yeild the same HP increase as buying the 600$ headers... then you build the piece of circuitry yourself (about 10$ at radio shack) and hook it all back up... the time spent doing this is about the same time used to install the MSDS headers so you don't lose there at all.... we have not been able to prove this power increase yet but we will soon.... i want to do this to my car... With headers intake and exhaust we should expect about 30HP or so to the wheels.... stock we do about 140-143 ... so if by doing this and an MTX were to put 170HP down to the wheels then IMO the MSDS headers are a waste.

Our next steps is to take exigent's car (the only person we know who has tried this) and get him an AutoTap first off (brad are you reading this)... he's getting a CEL right now but we want to know if it's associated with the "mystery mod" or not... if not then I'm gonna do this also, then I would like to go to a dyno... because exigent also has some other intake and upper engine mods and he's ATX it's kind hard to guage if he got an increase and by how much.... my current setup has already been documented so it would be a better platform to work from.
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Ya.. we can swap whatever we want during a cooldown period.. here is his email:

Yes, there will be a brief cooldown period between dyno pulls. You are more
than welcome to use this time to swap air inlets, filters, chips, etc... I
can overlay the two pulls on the printout to show the difference (if any)
between the two runs as well.

~Greg Banish
President, Detroit Speedworks, Inc.
'93 LX turbocharged road racer
'00 Bad-Ass F150
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Does he do custom chip work? I need to find a GOOD dyno tuner... preferably one who has the ability to modify my EEC and not **** with a chip. Im all for it. This is somthing ive wanted to do for a while. When you say "recreates atmosphere" You mean it has lika a wind tunnel? Holy **** if that is true I need to put the last peices of my "ram-air" together... this would be the PERFECT proof positive. Hrmmm... what would you guys pay for a "ram-air" that made say 5hp?... how about 10hp? hrmmmm...
Its not in a wind tunnel.. however look at the site I have for him and he gave me the site that explains about the dyno itself.. As for custom work he does do some but the 2.5 is not listed.. he does tune stangs and the like.. visit his page and look around.. thier email is on tha page also..
new stang has the same computer as us... I suppose he may just need a diffrent program... but the equipment would be the same... hrm...
The dyno guy I know is friends with the chip man for livernois motorsports. He should be able to do it. I don't have his number. If you're by ramchargers Dave-ask for dyno dave's card. He's in Taylor.
guys i'm really excited for dynoing... lets set something up ... i wanna prove the headers issues (although i still need y-pipe) and the ram-air setup.... also i just wanna see what i'm putting down to the road
Id be in so we could get a pretty much baseline on an ATX to see what Dave has improved to.. With only an intake mine should show pretty much stock. Go to Mustang Dyno to get info bout the dyno machine.. his is the 1750.
Hrm... this could be a VERY interesting day at the dyno... alot of things to be proven here... I guess the ram air dyno deal is a total bust... without a wind producer it wouldnt be acurate. After dyno day we need to go back to milan. That is the ONLY way I will be able to prove the ram air theory... Luckily the way I think thing are going to turn out I can simply put my k&n cone filter back on and plug the ram air hole to test... a few runs like that and then a few with it on should prove beyond any doubt whether or not it works.
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