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Anyone use dura-lube??

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This seems to fit a few categories, so I'll post here.....

I got the Dura-lube special package deal in the mail today...I ordered it online from their site, but it took like a month to get and I really didn't get any kind of receipt in the box or anything, which was weird, but....

The box included:

One 12 oz Dura Lube® "Just Pour & Go" Advanced Engine Treatment Concentrate
One 16 oz Dura Lube® Advanced Fuel System Treatment
One 12 oz. Dura Lube® Super Concentrated Fuel Injector/Carburetor Cleaner
One 12 oz. Dura Lube® Gas Treatment
One 12 oz. Dura Lube® All Purpose Lubricant/Protectant
One Dura Shine Bonus Pack Including:
One 16 oz. Dura Shine Advanced Auto Polish
One 32 oz. Dura Wash Advanced Wash/Renewer Concentrate
Four Faux Chamois
One 1:64 Scale Dura Lube® Die Cast Car

All for $39.99...seemed like a good deal....

Or did I get ripped off???.......

Thought you'd like to know anyway....
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Most of that stuff goes for $5-8 a bottle. I'd say it was if it does the job.
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