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Another meet?

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Any of you interested in meeting up one more time before the summer ends? The last meet at Battlefield was nice, we can probably doing that or something like it again...

Besides, I still have all the charcoal we gotta use up :)
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Meet at Petes house! :)
maybe I'll show up this time :)
Sounds good to me...

Let's do it...
Works for y'all know...sundays are best for me making an appearance. getting transfered, but that wont interfere with my sundays. That is all. God bless and red meat for all.


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Red meat for all? Amen to that!

Any Sunday will be good for me except for Labor Day weekend, I'll be in DC that weekend.

How does this coming weekend sound?
Yeah its def time for another BBQ...lets pick a place and day and i'll be there.
When and where. I swear, I will be there!
Ok, August is over...

So pick a time and a place... sundays are still best for me...
Lets do a Sept. 11th meet.. Go pour out a lil bit for my homies that passed, uhhh.. just kidding. :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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