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An interesting effect, and free too...

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I pulled out my HVAC controls a bit off their posts one night and noticed a nice amber light glow coming from behind. You only pull them out a short ways to get the best effect. Probably everyone has noticed this and done it, but I couldn't find any posts on it. I played with my digital camera and took some pics to capture what I'm talking about... :smoke-g:


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nice just find a way to replace them with blue led and we have something seriously worth it
Well what ever happened to the full replacements? I think it was Crispy that was showing em off at the last CF, then I heard that their patent was still pending and they were just waiting on that. Whats the deal now? All talk of them have just fallen off of the face of the earth. Wonder what happened... :shrug:
And you're surprised?

The only Cougar's left will be in museums by the time those things are sold. Eh...just follow the how-to's and do your own.

Nice find though Pedro!
im sorry but this how to is ghetto :rofl:
You could try to put a small washer or two behind it so it wont push in when you turn them?

Also there are 3 or 4 lights behind that. I'm sure you can make it what ever color you want.
CougarGuy939 said:
nice just find a way to replace them with blue led and we have something seriously worth it

Gee... something like this?
Hey Excelcier, I was looking at your pics and noticed that it appeared as though you only change bulbs? Is that correct? I looked through the Interior Cosmetic Section and came across a How-To Word document but it dealt with soldering - something I'm not too comfortable doing....yet.

No, I replaced the bulbs with LEDs, but it does require them to be soldered with resistors. I just made use of the existing bulb holders instead of remanufacturing a whole new backpiece like some people did.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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