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As requested, here are the instructions for this mod:

Obviously you need to remove the fuel door. I'll assume you already know
how to do this. You'll also need to remove the gas cap and the little
plastic teather that holds it in place.

To get the black plastic "cup" thing out, you'll have to jack up the
rear of the car and remove the rear passenger side wheel. Once you do
this, you need to remove the plastic wheel well lining. It's held in by
three or four screws and a few tabs. It's pretty easy to take out.

The plastic cup is held in by three or four tabs around the lip which
you'll have to feel around for and push in. Once you get it loose, you
have to pull like hell to get it out. Theres also a rubber hose
connected to the cup that you'll have to work loose. I have NO IDEA what
this is for. This part sucks and is a total pain. Fortunately, putting
it back in when you're done is A LOT easier...

Once the cup is out, you simply have to mount the new fuel door to
it. Depending on what the back side of your fuel door looks like, you
may have to grind down a few "bumps" to get it to mount flush to the
cup. There are also a few places on the cup that will have to be ground.
Don't worry, if you're patient and do a nice job, you'll never be able
to tell once it is re-installed. My fuel door came with allen screws and
nuts, so it was very easy to attach. I just had to line the door up to
the cup, mark the holes, and drill them out on the cup. I made the holes
SLIGHTLY smaller than the screws for a little better hold. There were
two places (where the hinge is) that I couldn't actually attach the door
to the cup, but with all the other screws, it doesn't matter. Just put
the screws in and attach them with the nuts. You'll see what I mean...

Now the ugly part. When you finally get the door mounted to the cup,
you may find that there are a few metal tabs on your car that are in the
way. If so, you'll have to grind them down. Don't worry about this, as
the door doesn't need them to stay in place. once these are gone, you
just have to work the cup back in, line the door back in place, and pop
it in. It should go in real solid the first time.

Now all you have to do is put your car back together and enjoy the
sporty new fuel door!

I hope these instructions make sense. I'm relying on memory here, so
I hope I didn't leave anything out...

Good luck!

aka captobvious

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DAMN THAT LOOKS GOOD!I have to give it a shot only problem is I have no mechanical ability.ANYWAYS just had to tell you that it looks awesome!!! Ron

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Believe me.. If someone have no mechanical abilities, it's me (even though I'm a mechanical engineer.. go figure). Anyway, what you need is the right tools and everything is cool. Especially with captobvious step by step instruction combined with my pictures, the task is well defined.

Good luck if you try it.
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