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alternator is gone!!!

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hey my alternator is shot, and everybody keeps telling me that I'm going to have a hell of a time switching it myself. NTB wanted to charge me 400.00 to change it... So does anyone have any advice for me, and also I was wonderig if I needed any help if a IL member could help me out, preferrably someone who has done it before.....anyways I live in lemont, near lockport/ downers grove... If anyone wants to volunteer I would appreciate it, if not any advice one the boards would help..

also does anyone have any alternators that they recommend I should get??


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good luck, can't be that hard. i hear that getting to one of the bolts is a pain in the arz, but i don't know personally. if i had been home the last year nad a half, i would have tho... my alternator was almost crapped when i left, and it's defniitely crapped now.
alright cool man, thanks, anyone else??? my chiltons (or however you spell it) repair manual says I need to remove the half shaft.... so anyone that can help me please volunteer, my car died on the side of the road today, so I think my alternator is finished..


mine died last year....had mine replaced (rebuilt) by an electrical/auto repair shop in joilet on Route 53....cost around 300 bucks...I'll see if I can find the name
no its ok man, I already got mine out.. thanks anyways though
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