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about the easyest thing ive done.
1. disconect the battery and unhook the leed off the alternator(1-10mm nut) and unplug the plug thats above the red leed
2. take the coolent overflow tank out=2-10 mm screws
3. take the 2 bolts that hold the alternator on off. 1 will come compleatly out the outher will not.=2-13mm bolts
4. jack the car up and take the passenger side tire off
5.take the splash guard out. its 3 pieces,1 big piece and 2 little ones.=7-8mm screws and a couple pressure pins that hook to the fender.
6.locate the teniosioner pully (the pully thats right under the alternator)and take a thin piece or wood or something thats about 20inches long and wedge it between the ground and the bottem of the pully
7. lower the car down with the jack just enough to get the belt off the pully the hardest part. use a pry car and wedge it on the front side of the alternator(the side thats closest to the engin and pry it off the mount. u may have to use a hammer and hit the pry bar the bottom bolt doesnt need to come out because it have a groove in the mount that alowes u to just lift the alternator out with the bolt still u are gona have to get under the car and have something long enough to reach up to that alternator and hit it from the undersideand it will pop out then go to the top and just pull it out
10.take the bottem bolt out of the old alternator and put it back in the new one and set it back in the grove that it goes in.
11.line the top one up and put that one in to. now tighten both bolts up.
12.put the belt back on and MAKE SURE the belt is on all of the pullys and has not came off
13. jack the car back up and take the wedge out. this will put the pressure back on the alternator
14.hook the leed back up and plug the plug back in.
15 put the coolent overflow tank back in, put the splash guards back in,put the tire back on and hook the battery back up
now your ready to rock

if anyone needs help just pm me and ill gladly walk u through it
i dont have any pics to post cause i dont have a dig. camera
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