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Last thursday my girlfriend used my car to go to work. She got about a 1/2 mile
from my house and pulled out in front of an 80's chevy full size. Well after a few
hours she decided to come home and tell me about it . luckily she got away with
just a bruised rib and whiplash. My car didn't fare so well I was sure it was totaled
the passenger side from the front of the door back to the bumper was pushed in about 8 inches
including the rear wheel all the glass smashed out of the passenger side roof is buckled
along with the floor. the subframe is bent the suspension on the whole passenger side
is screwed and somehow the instrument panel is busted. needless to say it's bad . But i
sent it to my buddies at wieda brothers auto body and paint who had the car a couple
of times before. they called my insurance and it's going to be resurrected for a some of
$7,000 plus im gettin some sweet body graphics out of the deal.LOL. just wanted to
share my little story.

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WHOA, I'm sorry to hear that.

Hope both your girls (g/f and car) make a full recovery!

Good Luck!

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wait couldn't that be a good thing that they started already??? They could still be waiting on the insurance and just letting it sit.

Good luck on the ladies getting better....Hope for a speedy recovery.
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