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All chrome 17" Arelli Bling Bling...Completed.

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I am done modifying my car for now!
These wheels made me win best domestic place over the weekend.
Judges said they could eat off my rims =>

I'm very happy!!

check it out
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one nice side shot....

more pics coming on my website plus 3 other websites

here is some to keep looking out for... (Lowrider partnership) (segment on our R.A.S. cars coming soon!)
Those wheels are HOT. Plus they have the coolest name ever
. I showed the pic to my dad (who is an EXTREME muscle car fan and hates new school flavor) and he almost passed out lol. Looks like your car is pretty much finished cosmetically, must feel great!

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Yeah I'm so happy i got rid of those ugly gold spokes center cap. Heheheh..

I'm going to get the gold caps repainted to match the car =>
Good job we need bikini pics! (I'm never gonna let you live that one down!)
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both websites are updated...

check my signature below...
" we need bikini pics"

".....check my signature below..."

I did and i didnt see any pics....


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That cat is bling-blingin' alright...
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