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Just got a call from the shop again about they are going to charge me 500+ more to make the damn front bumper fit ....

This is coming to a total of 2000cnd+ just for the paint and installation of the kit...
Lesson of this mesg is those of you whom are thinking about getting the SW kit... think again =(...

Shoot, that is not even having it molded its just a simple paint and installation.

Simon N

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hmm....I think it cost me like...700 only? to do everything? should've called me or something man...I live in Toronto...I got my whole kit for 2200 cdn, painted my whole car yello for 1200 cdn, and like 700? for installation?? and my side is molded....

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Thats why you learn to paint and install like me... cost for my friend to help me 200 the paint!!

Pictures will be on in an hour!

completed work..

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Damn kit was messed up... the front was bend where it wasn't suppose to be bent and straight where it was suppose to be bent...
To have it painted and installed all together it cost me 2200...
Rediciolus.. That is the last time i do business with streetweapon.

For the back bumper they have to bend down the metal for the trunk lid to close properly....

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